Sunday, August 05, 2007

crocheted hair flower #1

crocheted mesh bag

Halfway done with my first crocheted Mesh Bag. Apparently I'm a tight crocheter. Not tight as in "cool", but tight as in the opposite of loose. this bag is supposed to measure 12"x12".. it's like HALF that now. woopsie-daisy! good thing i bought a large hook the other day. then i can make them the opposite of "change purse" size that can actually accomodate bananas...

it's so neat to watch your own hands construct something 3 dimensional and usable from one little hook and a skein of yarn. not bad for 3 hours' work, eh?
i am so addicted.

crocheted hair flower #2

fun fun! i made this for my big sister with her favorite color combinations: blue & brown (well, turquoise actually, but this was all i had on hand..). and this time it only took me 2 hours (collectively) instead of 3 for the first and smaller one i did.

as you can see from the first pic, it is meant to be attached to a crocheted flap and tucked into the back pocket of your favorite pants. so many options with this when you don't do any kind of flap or attatchment. i just grabbed whatever bobby pin was lying around, shoved it through, and viola! instant hair accessory.

anyone want one? c'MON, i'll make em for ya. 5 BUCKS, well worth it. maybe i'll get some random combinations and various crocheted accents like these and throw them up on sometime soon...