Friday, April 25, 2008

French Smut Friday!

I Love my Boyfriend... oh how he indulges me... look at what came in the mail today!:
(click for larger versions)

he's so cool. he called me on his lunch break today to have me check the mail. he said "my package was delivered this morning, can ya go check for me please?" "--SURE! give me a minute... (insert giddy squealing here)."

lots of photos, a few stories, and of course-- boobies ;-) there's no date to be found on it, but my best guess is mid-to-late 50's. i'll have to do some research, but it's cool that it is a"Volume 1 Number 1" issue! oh, and whoever sold this at one point wrote on the cover with a sharpie "50 cents/ 5 for 2.00" so i had to colorblock over it-- BAAH!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

thong th-thong

i finished knitting my Lacy Thong! it was a hoot. like any visually interesting pattern, it tested my patience in a few spots, but nothing i couldn't get myself around or out of.. at least it fits like a dream!

i used a length of some pale pink vintage ribbon from my craft extras, but i'm going to try and find a different one, hopefully at the antique store i'll be visiting soon.. the edges of the front are stitched to give it a "finished" look, but they keep on rolling inwards. looks like i need to learn "blocking" after all..

if anyone wants one, let me know your hip size (or where ever you want the waistband to sit) and what color, and you just might have the coolest birthday/whatever present on the block.