Friday, October 31, 2008

Vintage Presents!

So my adorable wonderful Aunt Jackie started sending me crochet patterns and finished pieces mostly of my Great Grandmother, and some of my Grandmother's.. and to think that she was debating on "throwing them out" years ago but just couldn't part with them! i'm sure glad she didn't.. and you'll see why. I have scanned the cover and inside cover with their respective copyright dates highlighted. Included in this assortment is one I had bought at an antique store for 10 bucks! (it's the first picture in this post.) Oh the COOLNESS of it all!!

(click the pictures for more detailed versions..)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cool Cats, Martinis, & Cranial Accessories-- OH MY!

so there's this cat who lives next door... talk about cool-looking!! it's (i'm not sure what gender it is) one of the friendliest kitties too!

(clicky the pic-ies for more biggie)

and here's a video of it doing its thang:

i just love getting my "Kitty Fix"!
(i'm thinking of naming it-- any ideas? something unisex perhaps?)

here's a bar towel i knitting a few weeks ago. now i wanna make one for everyone!

and the PDF file of the pattern i got it from.

here are two "in-between-projects" projects, kind of just quick fixes.

it's mah Hello Kitty bow.

pattern by CreativeYarn.

a quick hair flower for a Luau we went to this summer.

pattern by SKAMAMA.

i should have taken the picures when i was all done up-- i was PROUD of my really cute hairstyle, i don't normally have patience for that-- but oh well. maybe another day...