Saturday, March 15, 2008

my vintage crochet pattern finds!

I found these great vintage patterns at Hubba Hubba! Antiques on the Miracle Mile in Stockton.. i couldn't be-lieve how many there where. from the looks of the other offerings of the time inside the front cover, they were pretty prolific publications. but hey-- that doesn't make it any less old and intriguing to me! i really try to buy only things that i plan on using or utilizing, so i picked the most interesting "edgings and trims" type one from the lot (and there were a LOT!). Even though 3 out of 4 of these here are edgings, i made three seperate visits with three different money-spending mentalities each time, so i picked the best of what was there. As of yet, i haven't been able to find a date for these, except the first one which is 1915. i'll be doing some research on the rest and see what i can find.

i've got a few more pictures and goodies to gush about, so i'll put those in a new post.

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