Friday, October 19, 2007

LOOk what i can do!

haha.. couldn't find a quarter, so a bottlecap just had to do. besides, those are EV-ER-Y-WHERE in our house. (just wish the same could be said of those quarters!)

that is the skull to the "crocheted wristlet with skull shape" pattern on More progress pics soon..

Monday, October 15, 2007

+ll Fall Madness ll+

So yes, looks as though I've been quite busy with crafting lately, as I haven't posted anything for awhile now..

Crocheted a newsboy cap for my good friend Matthew from this pattern, and the results are in...

on moi:

and on the birthday boy:

too cute! did that in about a week and a half, only because i wasn't working on it constantly...

and I just finished and sent off this wonderful and fun Halloween wreath I adapted from this pattern, and made it funky and all my own:

and here was my workspace and progress--I LOVE sitting on the floor!:

I am so proud of myself! I also splurged today and bought some yummy chenille yarns for my cloche hat I will be making for myself (sheesh!! finally, SOMEthing for myself, I am just WAY too giving... hehee) using the "Essential Hats Collection" pattern from Stitch Diva Studios here, and if it turns out as well as I hope it will, a good friend of mine will get one too :-)

I can't wait to start wearing the things I'll be making soon. And if I get enough compliments, I just might start selling the things! I have an etsy account, I just want to make sure that I'm good enough at all the knitting and crocheting to sell..

well, 'tis all for now, Have a Happy Hallowe'en, Darlings!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

crocheted hair flower #1

crocheted mesh bag

Halfway done with my first crocheted Mesh Bag. Apparently I'm a tight crocheter. Not tight as in "cool", but tight as in the opposite of loose. this bag is supposed to measure 12"x12".. it's like HALF that now. woopsie-daisy! good thing i bought a large hook the other day. then i can make them the opposite of "change purse" size that can actually accomodate bananas...

it's so neat to watch your own hands construct something 3 dimensional and usable from one little hook and a skein of yarn. not bad for 3 hours' work, eh?
i am so addicted.

crocheted hair flower #2

fun fun! i made this for my big sister with her favorite color combinations: blue & brown (well, turquoise actually, but this was all i had on hand..). and this time it only took me 2 hours (collectively) instead of 3 for the first and smaller one i did.

as you can see from the first pic, it is meant to be attached to a crocheted flap and tucked into the back pocket of your favorite pants. so many options with this when you don't do any kind of flap or attatchment. i just grabbed whatever bobby pin was lying around, shoved it through, and viola! instant hair accessory.

anyone want one? c'MON, i'll make em for ya. 5 BUCKS, well worth it. maybe i'll get some random combinations and various crocheted accents like these and throw them up on sometime soon...