Friday, May 09, 2008

Antique German §ewing Basket!

meet the newest addition to my family of antiques! i've had her on a 2-month layaway (for $110-- who wouldn't!?), so i'm finally glad to welcome her home!

my camera didn't quite pick up the true colors of the thing. the wicker pretty much matches the dresser behind it, and the pink is not really pink at all. it's more of a deep yet transparent red wine color.. not quite the whorehouse red you see here :-P

and barely detectable on the label in the space above the wording are some numbers written in pencil.. it's more noticable in person, but my best guess is #21?8871 (anyone else wanna give it a go? click the pic for a larger version..)

it is a sewing basket, but i think it's seen better days, so i'm just going to use it as my current knitting/crocheting project since a skein of yarn won't really do any damage. it is tattered and missing some wicker brackets on the underside of the back, but i think it just adds to its charm :-)