Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cool Cats, Martinis, & Cranial Accessories-- OH MY!

so there's this cat who lives next door... talk about cool-looking!! it's (i'm not sure what gender it is) one of the friendliest kitties too!

(clicky the pic-ies for more biggie)

and here's a video of it doing its thang:

i just love getting my "Kitty Fix"!
(i'm thinking of naming it-- any ideas? something unisex perhaps?)

here's a bar towel i knitting a few weeks ago. now i wanna make one for everyone!

and the PDF file of the pattern i got it from.

here are two "in-between-projects" projects, kind of just quick fixes.

it's mah Hello Kitty bow.

pattern by CreativeYarn.

a quick hair flower for a Luau we went to this summer.

pattern by SKAMAMA.

i should have taken the picures when i was all done up-- i was PROUD of my really cute hairstyle, i don't normally have patience for that-- but oh well. maybe another day...



Cari @ MamaOlogy said...

Cute stuff Sher! I love it all. I want a Hello Kitty bow! To match the *ahem* unmentionable you made me already. ;)
I think someone did that to that cat. I've NEVER seen a cat like that before.
And if you need a cat fix, COME TO MY DANG HOUSE!!!! I have a fluffy big cross-eyed kitty for you here!

Love ya Sissy!

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

I agree with Cari - that cat looks like it's had a dye job. Rock star kitty. :) I love the new creations. Especially like the bow.

Cari @ MamaOlogy said...

Hey sissy, I loff you so much, I awarded you on my blog. Check it out!

hOOdedLicIOUS said...

Both are cute..i love the green ribbon..