Monday, February 08, 2010

"Of Corset!"

On Saturday, February 6th, was "Free Museum Day" in Sacramento, CA. Laddy & I went and started in Old Town to see the Military Museum, the old school house, the old theater and such, but did we even make it to ANY of those? Nnnooooo. We just ended up visiting all the bars instead. (it can be an education sometimes, right??) There's just something about screaming slobbering kids and trying to avoid the stroller wars that makes us head the opposite direction...

We did go to a neat store called "Sacramento City Dry Goods".
It was neat! They have reproduction period clothing (1800's) and accessories, and patterns to make your own. I couldn't decide between a corset pattern or the corset DVD: How to Build and Fit a Victorian Corset... I thought, "I already have a few good corset patterns, but don't know what I'm doing...", so I bought the DVD.

It didn't work on my computer straight from the disc, so I had to decrypt it and watch it from the files stored on my hard drive. I don't know if it was just that disc itself, or the formatting, but watch out for that if you consider this dvd.

It is about 2 hours long, so I will post a review of it once I am done watching!

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